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Paleo – Three Stops To The Big Dream I Dream

From the 2008 album Death & Taxes: Selected Songs From The Song Diary, here’s “Three Stops To The Big Dream I Dream”.

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Frequency Manifesto – A Plethora Of Righteousness

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What’s your frequency?

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Wooden Shjips – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Been digging these dudes for a while now. If you haven’t come across them yet, get down on this immediately.

One youtube comment described Wooden Shjips quite accurately in my opinion.

“There’s something really enjoyable about the simplicity of this. It’s like your listening to your neighbors jamming all night in their garage after smoking a load of pot.”


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“David Gilmour and Roger Waters composed the song on guitar using an open tuning in G major. Waters plays the acoustic guitar parts on the studio recording, despite his job as the band’s usual bassist.

The song is almost regarded as an underground hit for Pink Floyd, although it was not released as a single in the UK or played live by the band. Its title is derived from a football (soccer) slang term for “awesome”, which became a cliché among the band’s touring party.”

From the album Meddle, here’s “Fearless” by Pink Floyd

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Entrance Song (NSFW)

On the album “Phosphene Dream” by The Black Angels

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