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Led Zeppelin – Live 1973 – Madison Square Garden

These grooves never get old.

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Django Unchained Interviews

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Finally had a chance to check it out despite my crazy ass schedule. You should do the same if you haven’t already. Ignore the reviews like I did. The only way to truly know anything, is to find out for yourself.

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The Master Shift – 12.12.12 – Global UNITY Moment

For the open-minded. Learning to always maintain a positive mind-set can change your life forever. Meditation is quite easy, not to mention extremely healthy for us all.

12/12/12 will be the last repetitive date that you and I will ever see. Enjoy it. Never take anything for granted.

The Master Shift

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Dopest Thing I’ve Read About All Week

I’ve often wondered about this, but now that I have my answer, it only raises even more questions. I’ll have to head over to Easter Island someday.

Read About It Here


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MCA Aka Adam Yauch Passes Away At Age 47

The jams speak for themselves. If we dug them, we all got into them at different points depending on our age. Some of you, were there since the beginning, because you are old enough, but others like myself, who wouldn’t be born for another 9 years after The Beastie Boys formed, would be introduced to them nearly 16 years later. I mean I was born the same year that Paul’s Boutique was released and they had already accomplished so much as musicians. Here’s to my elementary school days back in ’95 (I believe I was in like 2nd or 3rd grade when I first heard them, thanks to my older brother and sisters haha).

RIP MCA (AKA Adam Yauch) of The Beastie Boys.



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