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Everybody Here Wants You (Documentary)

Here’s A Righteous Documentary About Jeff Buckley That I Think Many Of You Might Enjoy

Everybody Here Wants You

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Fugazi – Instrument. Documentary film.

We Need An Instrument To Take A Measurement


Fugazi – Instrument

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How To Make A Human Arabesque

The making of the TEDxSummit video

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Who Killed The Electric Car?

This seems appropriate to use as Frequency Manifesto’s 400th post. It’s message will only continue to get clearer as gas prices continue to raise.

Here’s a documentary I saw a few years ago. This is just the first part. You can find the others on youtube.

Yup…. I was speechless when I found out too.

Who killed the electric car?

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How T.V. Ruined Your Life. Yes….. It Did.

This is the 5th Episode. Check out the rest on youtube yo!

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