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Frequency Manifesto – A Plethora Of Righteousness

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What’s your frequency?

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Frequency Manifesto Podcasts

Keep in mind that I’ve never done anything remotely like this. I’m learning as I go, and I assure you that the quality will only improve as time goes on. Regardless of all that, I’ve been having a blast creating all of these for others to get down on. Really, that’s what this is all about.

Episode No. 4 currently is in the works. Now that I’m finally settled into my new apartment, and I’ve unpacked my recording equipment, I hope to complete, and post it sometime next week. If you’re  a new follower of the site, these should hold you over until then. Expect a totally new layout for the site as well. Things are going to be looking a bit more sophisticated in the coming days…..

Here’s the first three episodes streaming on Soundcloud.

Episode No. 1 – This Sonic Exploration I Call Life

Episode No. 2 – There’s Beauty In Chaos

Episode No. 3 – Everything That Can Happen, Does

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The Master Shift – 12.12.12 – Global UNITY Moment

For the open-minded. Learning to always maintain a positive mind-set can change your life forever. Meditation is quite easy, not to mention extremely healthy for us all.

12/12/12 will be the last repetitive date that you and I will ever see. Enjoy it. Never take anything for granted.

The Master Shift

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Dopest Thing I’ve Read About All Week

I’ve often wondered about this, but now that I have my answer, it only raises even more questions. I’ll have to head over to Easter Island someday.

Read About It Here


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Fugazi – Instrument. Documentary film.

We Need An Instrument To Take A Measurement


Fugazi – Instrument

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