Who Killed The Electric Car?

This seems appropriate to use as Frequency Manifesto’s 400th post. It’s message will only continue to get clearer as gas prices continue to raise.

Here’s a documentary I saw a few years ago. This is just the first part. You can find the others on youtube.

Yup…. I was speechless when I found out too.

Who killed the electric car?

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3 thoughts on “Who Killed The Electric Car?

  1. Asher King says:

    Dude really. Remember. Matter cannot be created nor can it be destroyed. We live in a perfectly designed atmosphere. All things are reused. Yes even smog. As for the ice berg the liberals continue to show over and over and over breaking off and falling, well that’s from the water vapors which continue to freeze causing the berg to collapse under its own weight. So you see, it collapses for the exact opposite reason they would have you believe. This stuff is really just common sense.

  2. I hear you and I’ve heard the many claims on both sides of the issue. What bothers me is that we’re paying nearly $5 a gallon for premium gas when we could be paying six cents for the electrical equivalent of a gallon. That’s common sense too.

    • Asher King says:

      My electric bill last month without running the A/C was $122. Six cents will go into $122 2,033 times. Our mini van gets 16mpg. When multiplied 2,033 x 16mpg = 32,533 miles I could of traveled on $122 if our van were electric. Without doing any research I can tell you electric is not much cheaper than gas per unit. Gas could be $1/gallon if we would just utilize the finite resources of this GREAT Country. By finite I mean never changing. Yes that’s right, the amount of organic oil on Earth today is the same as it was 1000 years ago as it will be in a 1000 years. I repeat, “matter cannot be destroyed not created. What’s here is here and will always be. Surely the amounts of any element could fluctuate but they fluctuate within ranges always recovering. The same is true of water and CO2. CO2 is not a constant as oxygen is. It is a variable which fluctuates between a range always recovering. I use human growth as an example. We agree all humans do not grow to be exactly 5’2”. Human growth is a variable. It ranges between 3′ tall and 7′ tall for the most part. Just because someone grows 6″ their senior year of highschool doesn’t mean they will be 36′ tall by the time they are 72years old.

      For our next lesson I will be discussing how the brightness of a light source is determined by the size and distance of said source and not time and speed. In other words, it is impossible to say we are just now seeing light that left a star a million light years ago because that’s not how light is measured. Seems far fetched based on what we’ve been taught our whole live but once again it is just common sense.

      Wouldn’t be more fun to challenge educators on their so called facts than to just take everything they teach us and believe it.

      I will leave you with a quote. “Education is relative to what’s being taught and who’s teaching it, Wisdom is absolute and comes from God.” -AK

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