Hail To The Thief

If I recall correctly, the year was 1995, and I was about a month away from turning 7. Now first, you must all, take this into account, before I proceed with further details of this life changing event, I was quite strange as a child. I was digging music that someone my age probably shouldn’t have been (partly because if my psychedelic father), but hey, nothing about my life is quite orthodox at all.  For what ever reason I stayed home from school (faking sick probably). Gotta love 1st grade. Anyways, I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in my red and blue striped pj’s,  had just finished watching that PIMP Bob Barker on The Price Is Right (my, how I loved that show), and I was now channel surfing through the tsunamis of commercial media, until that fateful moment I encountered the musical stylings of a band that I would love for the next 16 years, up to this very moment that I’m typing this. I mean talk about being in sync with the universe. I tuned in right on the opening note. The jam that I speak of was “Street Spirit” by none other than Radiohead. I don’t watch cable TV at all anymore, but I do know one thing, if it weren’t for that lame ass VH1 Top 20 Countdown my musical taste could be a whole decade behind what it is today, and it’s likely that I wouldn’t have been introduced to my all time favorite Radiohead album years later. I give you…..

Hail To The Thief

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