The FM Project – “Gravity Brought Back My Banana”

Months ago, back in August of last year, to be exact, I decided to dive into the world of pod-casting. I’ve always had a huge love for sharing my musical experiences with others, and being in a band amplified that affinity tenfold. I actually made a couple of podcasts as trial runs to see if I would enjoy doing it on a regular basis.

Well guess what? I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The only problem was that free time became non-existent, because of being self-employed. So I never got around to performing the final edits, and to be honest, I practically forgot that I even created them.

Well, with that being said, I’m currently uploading them to a file sharer for others to get down on. I’ll post the links later tonight when they finish.

Don’t worry. I’ll get better at creating them. Oh and bear in mind that I’m not using the most sophisticated equipment to create these. I wouldn’t mind investing in some though. If you know me personally, I’m music gear junkie.

Simply put, I’m learning as I go. Haha!

Oh, and I just created this pretty little ditty.

Click Me

Enjoy yo!


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