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Jimi Hendrix – Little Wing (Instrumental)

I  will never grow tired of this. Pure genuis. End of story. Goodnight.



RxBandits – Mientras

Nikola Tesla – They Tried To Make The World Forget His Name

Just imagine what could have been, if immoral buisnessmen bigots didn’t rule the world.


Richard Dawkins On Creationism

I mean no disrespect to anyone who is devoutly religious. To each his own, but I mean seriously, do yourself a favor, & and really take all things into consideration, not just what you were raised to believe. One should never fear the thought of asking questions  & most importantly, DONT PANIC.


Learn The Truth About Pop Culture

Someone sent this to me & it made me ponder a bit.

There are so many who hardly know the world they live in, but they know all about the lives of celebrities & follow the numerous streams of useless gossip. Instead of giving their own empty life meaning, they cling on to those of others for that sense of comfort & fulfillment that every human longs for. My only question is, why not do something to contribute to yourself & to your world? Props to you, if you already live your life this way.


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