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Looking At The End of Time

I stumbled upon this a number of months ago, and it still fascinates me just as much as it did back then. A righteous example that nothing is ever fully what it seems, this video exemplifies how truly miniscule our existence measures up in the grand scheme of things. This is deep field observation done by the Hubble Telescope, and the images obtained are among the most important ever taken.




List of Paradoxes

Here’s a list of Paradoxes. Give that mind of yours something new to think about for a change. Treat your brain as a muscle and work it out.


List of Unsolved Problems in Philosophy

Care to take a stab at solving one of these? Here’s a list of unsolved problems in philosophy.


Global Politics In 30 Seconds

This is a clip from Wonder Showzen. Back in the day, when I actually watched T.V., this was one of the few programs that actually made sense to me, as crazy as that sounds. What’s even crazier is that MTV used to have decent programs on their channel. Sadly, Wonder Showzen was cancelled after two seasons. It’s full of underlying messages and attempts to awaken people in humorous way. I highly recommend to get down on some of these episodes.


The Night Thoreau Spent In Jail

Earlier this week an awesome friend of mine lent me this book. If it weren’t for my ridiculously busy schedule, I would have read it in one night, but that was not the case. It took me a couple days to find the time, but this play is fantastic nonetheless. Now go! Read it now!

Some info on the play….

The Surreal Bowl ~

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